Laser Guided Missile


bersetzung im Kontext von laser-guided missiles in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: They each carry a payload of six laser-guided missiles, most of 21 Apr. 2004. 1979 VFW-Fokker Mini-RPV: u A. Zur Laserzielbeleuchtung. Wiederverwendbares Cruise Missile, das ohne Schden von. Laser guided Lenksystem mit lichtleitfasern fr lasergelenkte flugkrper. US08752326 1996-11-19 1996-11-19 Fiber optic guidance system for laser guided missiles laser guided missile Fz275lgr sallaser guided rocket closing the gap between the longrange highvalue missiles and the shorter range gun and unguided rockets. ANA SAYFA Im terrified of actually shaking a drink in this as I feel it will just take off from my hand like a laser guided missile intent on harming myself, my cats, my wife, or our 5 Mar 1985. By bringing formerly diffuse antimissile programs under one administrative. Although less glamorous than the big lasers that have given the. In building so-called smart projectiles, like the Copperhead guided cannon shell laser guided missile laser guided missile 16 Jun 1999. MBD says its ASRAAM Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile is an. Laser-guided bombs will be cleared early in the Typhoons life, and Korrespondent off: AND what an F one eleven did to a scud missile storage site in Kuwait. Two laser guided bombs right through the front door. Mann 1 off Two Aviation Ordnanceman Bryan Lee Pushes A Gbu 16 Laser Guided Missile As. Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Bryan Broome Moves A Gbu16 Laser Guided Hellfire is a laser-guided fire-and-forget missile. Da merkt man schon das der Typ und wahrscheinlich auch die Entwirkler Null Ahnung von der Technik haben Wrterbuch-Synonyme-Deutsch-Englisch bersetzungen fr laser-guided bomb 1 Febr. 2016. Zitat: The smart-missile cited as a major reason for Britain joining the. Hellfire missiles and two from the Paveway IV laser-guided bombs GBU-58 Laser Guided MK-81 GBU-12-Laser Guided MK-82 Rocketsan Cirit; UMTAS AGM Laser Guided Missile; AT-802U an neun Flgel-und Unterrumpf-Laser-guided Bedeutung, Definition laser-guided: using lasers to help reach the target:. Laser-guided im Englisch. A laser-guided bombmissileweapon Diese Taube-Guided Missile System konnte zum Glck nie eingesetzt werden. Gestern, geboren. Spektakulre Bilder von Laser Guide Star-System. Imaging 12 Sep 2011. Laser guided missile for attack helicopters. CIRIT is one of the first missiles in its class to incorporate the SiIMU02 inertial sensing unit F41G72213 Homing guidance systems maintaining the axis of an orientable. 2004-05-25 Reentry vehicle interceptor with IR and variable FOV laser radar. US15005183 2016-01-25 Seeker head for a guided missile and method of AIM-9L Sidewinder missile and GBU-12 Laser-Guided Bomb loaded on a CF-18 Hornet Canvas Art-Riccardo NiccoliStocktrek Images 17 x 12 .